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        John Stegeman
        Speaking as someone who is familiar with the technology in there...

        My interpretation would be:

        1). JavaScript partitioning is documented already as well as it needs to be
        2). The article is indeed relatively narrow: focused on a very narrow feature.

        That's just my interpretation, though.

        The article would be fine for a blog post, though :)

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          I was facing issues in finding proper documentation for this which explains a practical knowledge about this topic.
          anyways its good to know that the issue is that ' the article is very narrow'. thanks for that John..
          Can I send it to some one to review before I submit for an article.. is that considered good or rude.?
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            Many people are happy to review, some would rather make their own decisions as to what to review, some people would rather just volunteer on the forums. Like John said, this would be an excellent thing for your own blog. That's how you make a good blog, write things that you think are helpful, then people that need such help find it. If you are active in the community, the whole crowd may help you improve. Sometimes publications have too broad or the wrong focus anyways.

            All you can do is ask the people you think might review your article if they would do so. I've been asked several times to do technical reviews on books, and have always said no, since I simply don't have the time (and sometimes the expertise). It's a general problem in the dba arena, many of the people working as dba's simply have too much to do. I would want to do a good job as a technical reviewer, and I would rather not do it at all than do a bad job. Helping people online is much easier to do what you can when you can, for me anyways, plus there is a self-correcting mechanism when you blow it.

            One guy at a magazine asked me to write an article, and I had to say, I wish I had written the article he wrote about the subject, there wasn't much I could add.
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              Thanks, Garry for you valuable suggestions..
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