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    nmEnroll/nmConnect help required

      Hi All..

      I need to understand when and why to use nmEnroll and nmConnect and how do we use them.
      I am confused when to run them and on which machine.. lyk :-

      I have below setup:-

      1 solaris machine having domain at /bea/wls/user_domains/test
      1 windows machine having domain c:/oracle/middleware/wls10.3_3/domains/test

      Now actually i have admin over solaris and a cluster dizzycluster, which has 3 managed servers
      MS_1 and MS_2 are on solaris machine. But MS_3 is over windows machine.

      Now actually i need to start MS_2 from admin console of solaris machine admin server. How shud i use nmConnect and nmEnroll commands over here.

      Sharad Jain
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          Can somebody pls reply on it..
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            nmconnect is used to connect with a running node manager and nmenroll is used to enroll multiple domain on a single machine with a single node manager instead of running multiple node managers for each domain.

            if you want to start managed server from admin console then you don't need any command, just configure machine from admin console and assign your server to this machine and start the managed server from console.

            more info on nmenroll()

            to know how to use nmconnect()

            node manager and machine configuration

            Mukesh Negi