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    StorageTek v2xf ref code 3663-31A1-001A

      Is someone here able to confirm that I need to replace the IFF3 card in this unit? here is the Troubleshooting that was done

      1 Detached Operator Panel which runs on a PC and allows info on the status of the Virtual Storage Array to be obtained.
      The only problem it shows is under Subsystem Availability where the Control Regions is 75% instead of 100%. Eric indicated this happened when the errors started to occur.

      2) I removed the cover to the configurable cards. One card had a red led lighted indicating an error. The card was IFF3 which was one of 4 IFF cards in the system. The other dozen or so cards did not have any error lights.

      3) I found in the docs where the error code format is documented. Using one of the errors in the listing this is what the codes means.

      *IEA480E 0A40,SCU,SERIOUS ALERT,MT=V2XF,SER=0420-10050, 127
      127 60008000 REFCODE=3663-31A1-001A,SENSE=50901000 00008FE0 22900031

      IEA480E indicates this is a MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) SIM (Service Information Message) alert
      0A40 is the channel or unit address (the I/O address) of the failing functional storage control SCU is Storage Control Unit which indicates that a fault requiring service has occurred in the non-cached part of the hardware SERIOUS ALERT is severity of error MT=V2XF is machine type of reporting unit
      SER=0420-10050 is serial number of reporting unit REFCODE=3663-31A1-001A identifies a reference code that provides additional information about the fault or error. The 3663 is the Fault Symptom Code (FSC) and the rest provides information about the subsystem and the location of the error

      4) The Detached Operator Panel can be used to look up the FSC but when I tried to do this the panel hung and was not able to get any info.

      In summary I believe the problem to be the IFF3 card but would need the FSC info to verify this.

      the iff3 card is on thie diagram, a part# would be helpful too http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19475-01/CRCM1511/CRCM1511.pdf

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