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    - Needs full records from Endeca  -

      I need full records from endeca . Right now we are setting setNavNumErecs as 12. What will be the optimal value for this setter method to get all records ? Is there any other technique that I can adopt ? Appreciated your help..Thank you !
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          setNavNumErecs is a method of the presentation API that is not part of the Endeca Information Discovery product line. It is part of Endeca Guided Search/Experience Management. Please create all future forum postings related to the presentation API (or Endeca Guided Search/Experience Management product) in the correct forum at Technical Questions .

          With that said, there is not a way to tell setNavNumErecs or the engine to return all (or an undefined # of max records). You could look into using the bulk export methods documented in the "Bulk Export of Records" chapter of the MDEX Advanced Development Guide in the Guided Search product. It provides a more compressed form for exporting all records, though you may likely run into memory issues on the client side if you are returning too many records. It is typically not recommended to return all records for performance reasons.
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            Awsome ! Bulk records still need no of records as one of the argument. I read from a document that we can arbitrarily pass MAX INT value so that Mdex will return all available records.
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              Michael Peel-Oracle
              Be careful with this - your business requirement may be to "show all products" if the user clicks the link, but if you have large numbers of products, your business requirement may not factor in the implication on your network of pulling back thousands of products at a time. If this is not controlled (i.e. not a one-off - or daily or whatever - process) but can be instigated by customers, you probably want some kind of arbitrary "maximum" like 500 instead, as otherwise you open up the risk of a dozen customers simultaneously clicking "Show All" and creating a massive network bottleneck.
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                what about if can cache the listing page from endeca ?