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    DMU removal

      Is there scripts that can be run that remove the dmu objects from the dd and the props$ entry for NLS_DMU_USAGE?

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          Even w are looking for answer for this parameter. We executed a DMU scan which did setup this parameter and now the application won't start. The app is erroring out with Data Truncation Errors.
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            Actually i need to change this request.

            I see that in Bug 10257282 - "The DMU repository installation script should insert a row into sys.props$ to
            indicate that DMU has been used on this instance."

            So what I need to know is if there is a way to uninstall or remove that entry.
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              Sergiusz Wolicki-Oracle
              We have handled your problem through the Support channel.

              For other readers' reference: NLS_DMU_USAGE is a statistical parameter for the database feature tracking functionality. It is added by the DMU and it is not supposed to be ever deleted from the data dictionary. It should not cause any issues except for applications that provide a too small buffer to select the NLS_DMU_USAGE value through SYS.PROPS$. This value may be as large as 4000 bytes, as the definition of the SYS.PROPS$.VALUE$ column says.

              -- Sergiusz