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    Is this a very serious performance issue in ODP.NET?

      I'm using Entity Framework 4.1 and Oracle ODAC11.2.0.3

      I have one table with 1,500,000 records, when I fetch data with folllowing code:

      this.context.Set<Table>().where(c=>c.column=='123').ToList(); (only 1 record found and column is indexed)

      the average response time is 30 milliseconds which is acceptable, but when I pass a variable to the query like this:

      var column="123";

      the average responce time is 1500 milliseconds, obviously it spends too much time on parsing the Lambda Expression tree to sql query.

      What's worse, the response time can be 2-3 times longer if it is a big table containing more than 30 columns.

      If I did not write wrong code, then this must be a very serious performance issue, isn't it?