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    Lucene indexing hook

      Hi everybody,

      Is it possible to connect to the Lucene re-indexer in order to execute some code right after the Lucene finishes re-indexing?
      Also, would it be possible to get a list of the assets and their types, which were involved in the re-indexing?
      The scenario:
      1. Publishing finished to Production,
      2. Lucene started to re-index configured asset attributes.
      3. Lucene finished.
      4. We run some code, which retrieves the list of the reindexed assets and does something with these assets.
      Sergey Grish
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          Tony Field
          Ha! You mean like maybe flush pages that accessed the index after publish and before the index finished?
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            That too would be a good reason for a concern. Currently we have code, which notifies some external system of the changes done to the published into the environment assets. The values of the changed assets we read from the Lucene index instead of the actual assets, for the performance reasons. But we need to be sure that Lucene has finished reindexing the newly published assets before we can send notification. Right now we have a fixed delay after publishing and before the notification is sent, but it is not 100% reliable.