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    Stacked Canvas Layout and Design

      I am trying to create a canvas template for use in our development environment. What I am wanting to do is to create a header and a footer section on this template with a stacked canvas in the middle. This stacked canvas would hold all of the content, data and controls for each form. This stacked canvas is the only thing that would change. The header and footer would look the same for each form. I am trying to create something similar to an HTML page with frames that defines header, content and footer frames. I want the user to be able to vertically scroll only the stacked canvas while the header and footer stay in position.

      My question is: How can I use the tools in Forms Builder to place controls in the stacked canvas? The builder does not allow me to scroll the stacked canvas in design mode so I can't reach all the areas of the stacked canvas. Does this make sense?

      I am using Forms 10g.

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          It isn't exactly clear, but assuming you have a content canvas (which I like to call the parent) and a stacked canvas "stacked" on top of the parent the there are several ways to put objects on the stacked canvas. Probably the easest and clearest is to simply find the stacked canvas in the Object Navigator and double click on it. This should open the Layout Editor with the parent canvas window selected (white boarder) and the stacked canvas displayed on top and selected (black boarder). Now just draw your objects on it. You can verify that they are on the stacked canvas by looking at the Properties for each object. You should see where you can choose which canvas you want the object to be displayed.

          If this does not work, look in the Builder menu "View" > "Stacked canvas..." and ensure that your stacked canvas is not being hidden. If the stacked canvas is already displayed in the Layout Editor, this menu item may be disabled.

          I am assuming you are using Forms 10.1.2 or newer. Older versions will be slightly different.
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            Thanks! That is the answer, I have not developed a form in a while and I forgot that you have to design a stacked form in the same way as a content form.