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    Embedded pop up - Possible to set focus on a particular Item?

      Is there a way to set focus on a particular item in an embedded Pop up,
      when the pop up is activated... ( so the user doesn't always have to
      move the mouse and click on the only entry field ).

      I know how to set focus on an item in processRequest at page startup.. but
      the page has already been displayed.

      Ran through quite a few attempts but haven't got this to work.

      Assumption is
      1. PPR can't modify the page's beans once displayed, to set focus?
      2. without a full submit of the Page we can't set the focus on an item?
      3. there does not seem to be a way to "activate" a pop up from processRequest so it shows initially after a full resubmit?

      Has someone found a way to do this? ( Other than avoid pop ups and just make the single field entry a wholely separate page )