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    HTTP 500 ERROR, IIS 7.5 Blocks SWE requets

      Hi All,

      I'm facing an issue with Siebel installation. After completing the whole installation, IE couldn't display Siebel login page. I got an http 500.0 error.

      I'm running a installation on Windows server 2008 R2 Std with IIS 7.5.

      I have also changed the parameter to Run 32 bit application to True in default application pool.

      Find below IIS errors:

      Module IsapiModule
      Notification ExecuteRequestHandler
      Gestionnaire AboMapperCustom-53940
      Code d'erreur 0x800700c1

      ModuleName IsapiModule
      Notification 128
      HttpStatus 500
      HttpReason Internal Server Error
      HttpSubStatus 0
      ErrorCode 2147942593
      ErrorCode %1 n’est pas une application Win32 valide. (0x800700c1)

      Best regards,