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    iSetup Payroll Element loading issues


      I've mapped a single instance and have extracted successfully but get warning status when trying to load for Balance Types, Defined Balances, Element Classifications, Fast Formulas, and Balance Feeds. The rest load successfully. Below is a portion of the view log......

      Entity Name: Balance Types
      Type: BC4J
      Executable Path: oracle.apps.pay.isetup.schema.server.BalanceTypesAM
      Ignore Warnings and Continue: Yes
      Update Existing Records: No
      Time Taken(seconds): 14.0
      Importing rows from xml file, and validating rows ......
      Update Existing has been turned off. Existing records would be skipped.An error occurred in API 'BalanceTypesAM'
      View Object 'BalanceTypesVO'
      Creation Date = '2008-01-02 13:30:41.0'
      Business Group Name = 'Vision University'
      Balance Uom = 'M'
      Comments = 'Primary balance for Earning.'
      Assignment Remuneration Flag = 'N'
      Balance Category Legislation Code = 'US'
      Balance Name = 'VU LD Regular'
      Object Version Number = '5'
      Currency Code = 'USD'
      Reporting Name = 'VU LD Regular'
      Balance Category Name = 'Earnings'
      This record was skipped.

      Has anybody had this issue?

      Thank you in advance,