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    Weblogic connection to timesten data source fails

      I have Timesten 11g Release 2 (11.2.2) installed on windows 32 bit machine.

      I am trying to configure a timesten data source in weblogic 10.3.4 but i get an error when selecting the target server and activating changes.The error is as follows:-

      An error occurred during activation of changes, please see the log for details.
      +weblogic.common.ResourceException: Could not create pool connection. The DBMS driver exception was: [TimesTen][TimesTen ODBC Driver][TimesTen]TT7001: User authentication failed -- file "db.c", lineno 9688, procedure "sbDbConnect"+

      The timesten dsn is sampledb_1122 . It has a user appuser . I can successfully connect to this with timeten console.

      When configuring in weblogic i give the following details:-

      jndi -> jdbc/test
      Driver class -> com.timesten.jdbc.TimesTenDriver
      URL -> jdbc:timesten:direct:sampledb_1122
      hostname -> localhost (since both are installed on the same machine)
      port -> 53393 (server running on this)
      username -> appuser
      password -> appuser

      When i click test configuration i get test configuration succeeded . At this stage if i click finish and activate changes there is no error.
      But when i select target as admin server for this data source i get the above mentioned exception.

      These work fine with the timesten console and also for sample jdbc program as provided with samples .

      I have also tried configuring with the client server configuration but still the same error. In this case i get same error in timesten error logs also.

      Please let me know what might be the problem or i might be missing some changes.


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