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    JRMC 4.1 : no method profiling of my own methods


      I'm trying to profile a Tomcat application (WS cxf, based on Spring).

      I'm using Eclipse Indigo (SR2 32bits), with jrockit-jdk1.6.0_33-R28.2.4-4.1.0 (32 bits).

      Tomcat is launched with Oracle JRockit(R) R28.2.4-14-151097-1.6.0_33-20120618-1634-windows-x86_64 with the debugging mode in Eclipse.

      With this configuration, I'm using JRockit Mission Control 4.1, with which I can connect to the Jrockit JVM running Tomcat.
      At this point, it works.

      Now, I set the method profiler to examine my webservices that I invoke with SoapUI ... as I receive the response, there is no invocation logged by Mission Control. In the same time, Mission Control counts the 400 String.toString invocations...

      Have you an idea ?

      Thanks, merci