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    Internal APEX - Oracle Beehive SSO transmission

      I am currently developing an APEX application on the internal APEX and I am trying to find out if an automatic logging in that skips the SSO login into a Beehive WS is possible, even though the user logged in with SSO when entering the application (automatically transmitting the SSO credentials from a system to another).
      The reason I am trying to implement this is to avoid the login step with the same credentials if the user already logged in with SSO in the APEX application.
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          The issue you will have with the SSO configuration is that currently the stbeehive instance uses a JSSO implementation and not the corporate SSO application so the JSESSIONID cookies will be different and a double login will be required. We are working at the moment to get this in synch but we have 2-3 OAM bugs that have to be worked through.

          Once the stbeehive system is on the corporate SSO there will be no extra login challenge moving from one app to the other.