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    Problem with SortOrder at Interface Tables


      I'm currently loading metadata into pcm using interface tables and I want to load it in the order that I have on a file. Unfortunately I have many thousand lines and Oracle SQL only makes a random insert.

      So I thought use SORTORDER column in the HS_DIMENSIONNAME_HIERARCHY :


      Then, when I see the table the column appears to me like: SORTORDER     NUMBER(38,0) and I'm getting always the same error at PCM : "The source table 'HS_DIMENSIONNAME_HIERARCHY' contains an invalid sorting column. The column must be of the 'integer' data type."

      Can anyone help me with this?

      Thanks a lot,
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          Hi Bruno,

          That certainly seems like a misleading error message at best.

          I'm not sure what version you are running but on I was able to do the same successfully. I prefer to use the data types which already exist in the example tables Oracle delivers. Based on that I ended up with the following:
          SORTORDER NUMBER(38)


          Greg Dill
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            After open a SR with Oracle I've been told to create the table again. The problem seemed to be relate with the column name.

            I was using: SORTORDER NUMBER(38) and in order to PCM could identify it as an Integer i had to change it to: "SORTORDER" NUMBER(38) ...

            Problem solved -.-