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    JDE, DB and BI Publisher releases


      lately I got the screen of some JD Edwards releases with release dates. But I have no information on where this document came from (website).

      Do you know maybe the web address where I can find the list of releases with release dates for:

      JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
      Oracle Database (with patches)
      BI Publisher

      Thank you in advance. I am asking because uncle google and oracle.com gave no useful results and I know such exists.

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          I don't know of any handy listing of products and release dates. (Perhaps there is such a list and another forum participant knows?)

          The following page provides links to the documentation for a variety of Oracle products: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/indexes/documentation/index.html

          In some cases documentation for several releases is available, and in other cases it's only for the most recent release. Looking at the print date on the title page of some "active" books in a given documentation library might give you a general idea of when the product is released, but that is no guarantee of when the actual release occurred. If you needed to know more precise information about release numbers and dates for particular products (i.e., past and currently available releases, of course), I suggest asking in forums dedicated to the products in question.
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            Let me correct what I said about print dates in books. If you're interested in the initial date of a given major release, or of a specific minor release or patch level of a major release, the print date of a book or number of books in the documentation library won't necessarily reflect that release date.

            Typically, all or many books in a documentation library are published for the first "externalization" of a major release. However, after that time individual books in that documentation library may be revised as needed, and these books will have revised part numbers and print dates. So, don't make any assumptions about print dates necessarily reflecting a given software release date.