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    Error in Partials for new dimension values

      Hello everyone,

      I was trying out partial update for the first time on our index. ADDS, UPDATES, DELETES everything works out fine. The only error we are seeing is when an ADD or UPDATE has a new dimension value in it, the following error shows up:

      *DGRAPH  {dgraph,update} Record change references unknown dimension value id 4294428511 [recspec=`P_RECORD_SPEC:GS1001B101508E']*

      This is what I observe:
      ~ data/state/autogen_dimensions.xml has the entries for this dimension after partial forge is completed
      ~ the forge output files SomeName--sgmt0.records.xml has the entries for this dimension

      My thinking is the new dimensions collected in autogen-dimensions.xml during the partial are not available to the dgraph when the update is run. Am I missing any steps? Can you please point me the right direction. Please let me know if you need additional information on my setup.

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          Greg E.-Oracle
          Can you share your XML record manipulator where you tag each record with the update action? This would be a place where you would see:


          The missing piece might be: <EXPRNODE NAME="DIM_ACTION" VALUE="ADD"/>

          The latest documentation has a good, dedicated partial update guide.

          [MDEX 6.3.0 Partial Update Guide|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35825_01/MDEX.630/pdf/PartialUpdatesGuide.pdf]
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            Michael Peel-Oracle
            Check the dimension server in your partial pipeline is added as a source to the XML manipulator. If you do any dimension-specific operations, for example:
            <EXPRNODE NAME="DIMENSION_ID" VALUE="8000"/>
            ... the dimension server component needs to be an explicit source to the manipulator (as well as to the property mapper and the update adapter).

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              Jim Song-Oracle

              This error means that you ran forge at one point but didn't apply it all the way to the dgraph. You have a dimval id in your state file that the dgraph doesn't have. To fix it, the easiest way is just to run a baseline again.
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                Hello Old Endeca Friends, I'm bringing this item back to life.

                I have this same issue with MDEX 6.4 and PS 6.1.3.

                The update manipulator is hooked to the dimension server which I assume is how the dim val gets into the state file to begin with. Why then doesn't the dgraph pick it up?

                This is a big headache. Any further insight would be appreciated. "Just run a baseline" is not a good answer, I need to do partials every hour throughout the day.