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    Oracle Service Bus Installation on Windows 64bit Professional

      Its 28th July 2012, I have been unable to get the OSB platfomt running on my new Windows 7 Laptop. Keep getting the "The selected wizard could not be started.
      Plug-in "com.bea.alsb.ui" was unable to instantiate class "com.bea.alsb.ui.wizards.NewALSBContainerWizard. com/bea/alsb/core/containers/exceptions/ContainerException" error while attempting to create a new OSB project from my Eclipse Helios. I have installed OSB 11.1.14, OEPE and wls1036_generic but I haven't been able to get the IDE working!
      Can anyone tell me the right combination of OSB, OEPE and wls generic installer that really works!........ I would pretty much appreciate and advice that works!..Thanks!