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      Hi Gurus,

      This is my first attempt in RAC installation. I have finished CRS and Oracle Software installations successfully in both nodes. Now I am configuring ASM before database creation.

      I use DBCA for ASM creation. Unfortunately, this is an unsuccessful attempt of ASM creation. So I need to configure again. BUT I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE A COMPLETE REMOVAL OF THE ASM FILES AND ENTRIES before making a re-install.

      I removed the ASM pfile & others from ~/dbs/ and ~/db_1/admin locations. I used ps -ef|grep asm to remove the asm processes, I removed oratab entry of ASM but still when configuring again, Oracle detects the old instance and asks if it should recreate it. If given yes and make some asm entries, then a new little window goes on running saying that "ASM Disk Group Creation...." It is running for 2 hours now.

      I like to remove the old ASM completely and make a really fresh install.

      Please guide me Gurus...

      For information, the Oracle version is and platform is OEL5.


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          Is this 10g a mandatory or can you install 11gR2 - The management is MUCH more simple. You can even use 11gR2 GRID+ASM on a 10g database, so my advice is to install 11gR2 GRID+ASM. ASM is installed as a part of GRID and you no longer "create" an ASM instance like 10g. The installer will do it for you.

          Now, if you want to completely start over with ASM and you need to erase the devices:

          dd if=/dev/zero of=<ASMdiskPartition> bs=8192 count=100 on ALL of the ASM devices. WARNING, THIS WILL COMPLETELY ERASE THESE DEVICES.

          There is a note in MOS that describes how to completely remove clusterware.
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            Hi onedbguru,

            I am glad that you replied my question. Currently, my situation is that I have completely removed this nasty incomplete ASM. But I could never make a complete RAC ASM install in these two days. My current problem is that:

            All raw disks detected for the diskgroup. Both available nodes are detected by dbca. But this dirty dbca window keeps on running for 3 hours saying that "Asm Disk Group Creation....". But, so far no completion. In fact I am getting same thing in my last 3 or 4 attempts. If it says some errors I will be at least happy and satisfied and move on ahead recovering the error. But this says nothing and keeps on running. What could be the culprit behind it.?

            This is a test environment and not 10g mandatory. But still, I want to complete it anyway.

            Now I have given up my mind 99% and thinking to create a rac-ASM manually. But I don't know how to do it. I need to google it or let me know if you have any link for doing this.

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              If it is not mandatory and for test purposes only, I would use 11g as 10g is about to be de-supported. Make sure your permissions on the asm devices are correct and you are not using a partition that includes the first cylinder (1M) of the device(s). ( example use partition 1 starting at cylinder 2.)
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                I have completely succeeded in 2 node rac ASM configuration and the disks have been mounted at both ends. When I create the database using DBCA, it says

                "DBCA could not startup the ASM instance configured on this node. To proceed with database creation using ASM you need the ASM instance to be up and running. Do you want to recreate the ASM instance on this node?"

                What may be the reason? When I checked with crs_stat -t and srvctl start service commands I could see the error that it looks for the wrong asm pfile (ie) it looks for init+ASM2.ora file but the actual one is init+ASM1.ora in node 1, and says could not open the parameter file.

                Where to edit to have the right pfile? Is it the entry in OCR?

                What to do to make it view the right pfile?

                Kindly, guide me.

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                  init+ASM2.ora file was there during previous asm install. Now I removed it and the new one is init+ASM1.ora which is in the same oracle home. It looks for the previous pfile when I give the command srvctl start listener -n testarac2. Kindly guide mw how to make it look for the current one.

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                    first of all delete asm service and css service and try to install fresh ASM.

                    you can delete asm service using oradim utility and you can deconfig css service using crssetup.exe which is placed in bin folder.

                    may it help u.

                    Pradip Patel