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    6180 Storage Controllers are in Locked down state

      1 disk on the array got faulted and on trying to replace it both controllers on the storage have gone into a

      locked state.Both controllers have an LU+OE errors codes. Borrowed a similar controller to try and reset the faulted 2.

      Followed the syshandbk method;

      For controllers showing:
      LU on one controller and the tray ID(85 or 99) on the other
      1. serial into the LU controller, and run lemClearLockdown
      2. Use the management interface to Online the Controller
      3. The booting controller should show the same tray ID as the surviving one.

      Am failing to serial into the LU controller. Is a special password needed for this? Am using kra16wen password.

      Can the controllers be unlocked?

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