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    the frustrating 'bug' of the oracle java page if you want 64 bit support.

      gosh, i wish there were a way to simply contact the oracle webmaster/webdev team. there isn't, as far as i can find. here's what i just emailed to webmaster@oracle.com. figured i'd share it here, on the outside chance someone at oracle might know how to escalate this:

      hi, this has frustrated me a number of times in the last year or two.

      go to the main java download page:

      i want the 64 bit java plugin. hey, there's a link "information about the 64-bit java plug-in", yay! click it, it goes to

      <read a bit through it> ah, there towards the bottom of the page, "java for 64-bit browsers, with the following text and link:

      "for downloading 64-bit java click 64-bit manual download". cool! click the link -
      it takes me right back to the main download page! it's an infinite loop!

      i eventually just google, and type in 'jre-7u5-win' and it autocompletes to 'jre-7u5-widows-x64.exe download, and the first result returned is to the actual page needed:

      is there any chance y'all could fix this? i'm sure i'm not the only person frustrated by the circular results the main download page provides.