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    SQL developer 3.1 shows error Incompatible version of libocijdbc

    Lizet Pena
      I have been struggling with the oci.dll and the ocijdbc.dlls errors for most of the day today.

      I deleted my previous SQL Developer 3.0 installation and downloaded the latest 3.1 yesterday.

      When I try to set up new connections that were working on the previous version, some of them work and two of them show the following error:

      Status : Failure -Test failed: Incompatible version of libocijdbc[Jdbc:112020, Jdbc-OCI:112030

      I have the JDK 1.6 installed and Oracle ODAC 11.2 32-bit installed as well.

      Preferences->Database->Advanced shows the proper directory for the  tnsnames.ora file.

      Alternative connection test:

      When i try to connect to the database in question via SQLPlus using the command syntax
      sqlplus username/password@connect_identifier

      sqlplus is able to connect to the database in question and I can run queries in it.

      Please help! Thank you.


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          Instead of trying to leverage the tnsnames.ora, why don't you define the connections as type=basic?
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            Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle
            Hi Lizet Pena,

            1/You may not need OCI
            2/3.0 (oci/thick) had a dependency on oracle client or instant client - are you getting an issue with

            SQLDeveloper Team

            Earlier post for 3.0:

            Hi All,

            <Other customer> has got away with using thin:

            Try pure java thin:
            1/create tnsnames.ora file
            2/Set tnsnames directory
            tools->Preferences->Database->advanced->Tnsnames Directory
            tools->Preferences->Database->advanced->use oci/thick driver unchecked
            4/ new connection connection type TNS -> Network Alias (pick from list)
            5/try connection
            6/May need to set Oracle Home back to SQLDeveloper instalation with for example a .bat file:

            set ORACLE_HOME=%CD%
            call sqldeveloper.exe

            (Where %ORACLE_HOME%\jdbc\lib\ojdbc6.jar exists)
            Then launch SqlDeveloper from this batch file; this will set your ORACLE_HOME variable to the SQL Developer home directory

            If that works - fine no additional software required.

            Thick (OCI) has a few more features and is slightly more stable, requires additional software
            instant client (or Oracle client or Oracle server) version (This was for 3.0 I need to check 3.1 requirements)
            try instant client downloads:
            Windows instant client from:
            32bit: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/winsoft-085727.html
            64bit: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/winx64soft-089540.html

            From Memory:
            unzip Set PATH and ORACLE_HOME [you can just set them in the session for initial test] (LD_LIBRARY_PATH needs to be set for linux)

            Note there is a preference:
            - Tools preferences -> database -> advanced -> use oci/thick driver

            Thick is required for
            new connection connection type TNS -> Connection Identifier.

            -Turloch O'Tierney
            SQLDeveloper Team
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              Chad Juliano-Oracle

              I was forced to use the thick client with SQLDeveloper because of a bug in the thin client that prevented it from connecting to a RAC through a special firewall configuration.

              SQLDeveloper gives the comparability message because there is a version mismatch between the java library ojdbc6.jar (v11.2.0.2) shipped with SQLDeveloper and the OCI library installed with the thick client. In my case I am using the v11.2.0.3 instant client. There is an easy way to fix this even if you have the client installed.

              1. Exit SQLDeveloper.

              2. Backup the file ojdbc6.jar (v11.2.0.3) located in your SQLDeveloper installation at <INSTALL_PATH>\sqldeveloper\jdbc\lib\.

              3. Copy the ojdbc6.jar file from your $ORACLE_HOME (v11.2.0.3) to the location in SQLDeveloper.

              I don't know exactly what versions are interchangeable so use caution.

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                Thanks. That solved it for me on SQLdeveloper 3.1