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    Oracle Lite: Can be used to create offline Windows (.net) applications?


      I am exploring the options for file based databases for offline applications where there are no overheads of database installations. We have a system which has Oracle database with more than 500 tables. We need to write a lightweight application (offline) in .net which will run from USB drive and write data to USB drive only.

      Existing system has a data layer which writes data to Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition database. The offline application will have more or less similar data entry forms and storage structure. In order to reuse data layer of existing system (stored procedures) can the Oracle Lite be used as a database which can run from USB drive?

      I understand Oracle Lite has a suport for synchronization with the server (our main database in this case) by which data can be synchronized with minimum overheads. Also please let me know how the Oracle Lite is licenced if I have 300 odd users of this offline applications. I need to use only database part of Oracle Lite and not mobile server.

      Thanks in advance.

      Sanjay Kedare