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    How to replace :BLOCK.FIELD reference in OA Framework

    Vishal Majithia

      We have one value set which is having table level validation type. In the Where clause, we have :BLOCK.FIELD reference used. This value set is beign used in Customer Creation DFF.

      Up to 11i, this was working fine because Customer was there in D2K Page but now its there in OA Framework and this DFF is failing with error "No field listener is registered to resolve field CUST.CUSTOMER_ID referenced by the flexfield with application short name AR and name RA_SITE_USES_HZ. Please contact your system administrator. "

      After doing research, I found that OA Framework does not support :BLOCK.FIELD reference.

      But I am sure this requirement must be there with many customers. Can anyone tell me how to achieve this requirement in OA Framework? I am really stuck with this. Any help will be appreciated.