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    Interviews Screen Folder


      I am new to OPA and currently learning OPM version 10.4.

      I notice for screen customization you can use Question or Interview screens.

      In the OPM Users Guide for 10.4 under Create, modify, or delete a screens file there is

      Create a screens file
      To add a new screens file to your project:

      1.In Oracle Policy Modeling, right-click the Interviews folder in the Project Explorer and select Add New Screens File.
      A new Screens file will be added to your project. The new file will be selected and highlighted in the list.
      2.Type a name for your screens file, for example, "Screens".

      3.Save your project by selecting File | Save All.

      1) I don't see an Interviews or Interviews screen folder in my OPM project. When does the Interviews folder get created?

      2) When is a question vs. interview screen used in general?


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          Ben Rogers

          Welcome to OPA!
          "Interview" is a term to describe the data gather / interaction with a user through screens.
          Traditionally, all screen files should be created in the Interviews folder (but can be created in any folder). The Interviews folder is generated by default when you create a new project, as long as you tick "Create default folder structure" checkbox.

          There are two main types of screens in OPA: summary screens and question screens. A summary screen is the first page a user sees, and is a "landing page" - the user always returns to this screen once they finish a goal or a screen flow. A question screen can contain questions or labels or other controls and normally is for data entry, but you can have question screens without any input controls on them (only as part of a screen flow).
          I suppose both summary and question screens could be counted as "interview screens".

          A good help page is the Design an Interview page:


          Hope this helps!
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