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    Custom Extension questions

      Hi all,

      I'm working on my first Configurator extension, and I'be got a couple of questions.

      1. I'm following the demonstration from this site http://apps2fusion.com/at/pb/292-oracle-configurator to build and deploy a sample CZ extension. I've got the code compiling in JDeveloper, and I am logged into EBS and on the Configurator Develop page where I'm trying to create a Configurator Extension Archive. While trying to upload the class (in a ZIP file following proper package structure) I get an error message stating "This file type is not allowed. Please choose another file". I've tried as both a .ZIP file and a .JAR file. Can anyone offer some ideas on what might be causing this problem?

      2. The reason for my custom extension is this requirement:
      Several fields in the Configurator UI should be defaulted to specific values based upon the Ship To address of the order line item.

      I've been researching Configurator Extensions, but none of the examples or scenarios described seem to talk about how to do something along these lines. Has anyone done anything similar and be willing to give me some pointers on the best way to accomplish this?

      For reference, this is in an 12.1.3 EBS instance and I'm writing the code in JDeveloper

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          Are you able to open the JAR file using winzip or any other zip utility? If not, then its not correctly formatted. You should build Jar using jdeveloper's Project Deployment settings and then you will not have any issue. Search google/oracle site for this if you don't know its details.

          For your requirement, I think CX guide and CZ methodologies guide will help you.

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            Kaushal Bhati
            hi mike

            you should be able to upload the jar.

            please refer to my blogs,it will help you out.


            if you need other exmaples,mail me,i will provide you the examples.

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              Hey Mike,
              Were you able to identify and fix the Issue "This file type is not allowed. Please choose another file." . I am facing the same issue today. I was able to upload the same JAR file in my DEV environment but in TEST it is throwing the same error. Please update.

              Thank you