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    Internal Id in ODI

      Hi Guys,

      May i know, how could we change the internal id's for master repostiory and work repository without deleting the present projects, models etc.. (i.e. without affecting present system.. avoiding re installation)

      Thank you.
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          Bhabani Ranjan Mahapatra
          Right click on master or work repository and click on renumber.
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            Those id's are not enabled.
            Can, you check it once and let me know.
            Else, can you let me know how to enable them i.e. Internal id's.

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              Bhabani Ranjan Mahapatra
              What do you mean by Those id's are not enabled.
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                I went into Topology Manager -> Repositories -> Master Repository (And one work Repository Connected to it )
                When i Right click Master Repository -> I have option 'Edit', 'View', 'Edit in New Window'
                Clicked on 'Edit' Button.

                This opens a window - which has 3 tabs (Definition, Version, Privileges)

                When, i go to Tab - 'Version' it shows Creation, last update, oracle data integrator information.

                Creation (User: Sunopsis_install Date: feb 16,2011)
                Last update (User: Sunopsis_install Date: feb 16,2011)
                Oracle Data Integrator Information (Internal Id: 1)

                Those things are not allowed to change.

                I would like to Change my Internal Id to 6 here (how Instead of 1) ?
                B'coz my Master Repository Internal id is same for both development environment and Production Environment.
                Even, Work Repository Internal Id.

                B'coz of which when i move contents from Development to production (By Exporting Work Repos. and Importing back to Production it doesn't allows us)

                -When i searched forum for that error later i learnt that internal id should be different for master repositorys and work repositorys in dev and production.
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                  Bhabani Ranjan Mahapatra
                  I think you are in ODI 10g version. If yes then you wont get that option.
                  In ODI 11g this option is available.

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                    Yes, You are right i'm on odi 10g.
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                      Sutirtha Roy
                      In ODI 10g , you can not change the internal id with out modifying so many ODI internal table.
                      If my memory searvs me correctly then I think there was a note in Oracle support site about the way you can change the internal id of ODI objects . But I can not recall the document id , so please search it out in my oracle support site.

                      p.s. that perticular note was created to bypass the import object error where the source and destination ODI internal id was same.