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    Data Guard for MIgration

      Hi All,

      I need to understand if data guard can be setup between AIX -Based machine running Oracle 11R2 and Exadata X2-2 running the same version. I want to migrate to exadata using data guard.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Marc Fielding

          Since AIX on a POWER processor is big-endian and a Linux-based Exadata database node is little-endian, the data blocks are physically different. This means that you cannot use an Oracle Data Guard physical standby. However you can use logical replication like Streams, or GoldenGate (thanks to robinsc for pointing out that even Data Guard SQL apply won't work here).


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            Thanks for replying.

            I want to migrate ~1 TB of data on exadata. Currently using data pump but it is taking lot of time to import. Maximum time is to enable RI.

            Please share your thoughts.
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              Marc Fielding

              Can you share some of the configs you're using for datapump? One thing in particular to look for is if you're using doing it in parallel, and if you're using network links.

              Other options to improve performance might involve using direct-load inserts over database links (though parallelization is a bit trickier here), or using something like Steams or GoldenGate for continuous logical replication, reducing any actual downtime period.

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                Hi Marc even logical standby would have an issue with creation of the inital standby database wouldn't it ? there is a mos note on heterogenous logical standbys

                Data Guard Support for Heterogeneous Primary and Logical Standbys in Same Data Guard Configuration [ID 1085687.1]

                AIX can act as primary only for AIX and not for intel x86_64 so no migration to exadata via logical standby. Golden gate may be the only way to accomplish this in this fashion ( i.e via log mining).
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                  Marc Fielding
                  Good point robinsc... I keep thinking that a logical standby runs based on streams, but there are definitely limitations, and one of them is crossing endian boundaries.

                  I wouldn't overlook streams as an option here either.