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    Cannot find the new binding

    Prasad K T
      Hi !!

      I am using jdeveloper!!

      I had dragged and dropped mu OpcLoseId [an LOV] from my OpportHd table in a af:form.

      I had passed this value as a parameter to my AMImpl Method. So that while my user clicks the button this method get executed.

      My Scenario:

      While my user clicks the button i am getting an error in my Log as given below
      <FacesBindingRewiringListener> <afterPhase> ADFv: cannot find the new binding with name data.com_rits_suplr_view_CrmAppIndexPageDef.pageTemplateBinding.r0.PageFragments_MKG1020PageDef_WEB_INF_TaskFlows_MKG1020TF_xml_MKG1020TF._lovTree_OphdCloseId.
      Could any one pls help to solve this issue?
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          While you are on the page at design time, and you click the "Bindings" tab at the bottom of the visual editor, does the PageDef file show in the editor?

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            I just encountered this, and what I think is happening here is that the list binding is not able to resolve the user's choice to a valid value in the LOV.
            I see this when using an [af:inputListOfValues|http://http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E16764_01/apirefs.1111/e12419/tagdoc/af_inputListOfValues.html] and the user types in something that is not available through the list data source.

            I know this thread is old, but shows up in google when searched for this error message and I thought I'd update it with what I thought.