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    inputFile value disappears after openning file

      I am using Jdev 11.1.16

      Since a moment ago something weird started happening with an inputFile component. Right after you browse and open a file, the filename suddenly disappears from the component.

      It doesn't matter if autosubmit is true or false, the filename suddenly disappears, is lost immediately after selecting a file.

      I created a brand new page to isolate the issue with other stuff from the page,and the same behavior. What's going on?

      I see some other posting on this issue, but no solution. This sounds like a bug as other mentioned, but I don't think so. A couple of days I worked with the inputFile component a no issues.

      I have no clue on this.... Help please

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          Finally, I found the solution. The property usesUpload was missing in the parent form.

          <af:form usesUpload="true">
          <af:inputFile label="Upload:" value="#{managedBean.file}"/>
          <af:commandButton text="Begin" action="#{managedBean.doUpload}"/>

          Thanks to :
          Chapter 8 - Working with Input Components
          Oracle Fusion Developer Guide: Building Rich Internet Applications with Oracle ADF Business Components and Oracle ADF Faces