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    Oracle patch upgrade after downgrade

      We patched Oracle from to successfully. Third party app had issue and blamed it on the patch, so I downgraded back to successfully.
      Turns out the problem was not with Oracle, and I want to get back to

      For the downgrade, I did (just listing the major steps)
      startup downgrade
      drop sysman

      Point ORACLE_HOME / oratab / oraInst to the old, renamed ORACLE_HOME (
      apply patch 11811073 (new catrelod.sql)

      Startup upgrade
      bounce DB and @utlrep, and everything looks peachy on

      My question now is - what is the most painless way to get back to ?
      Can I just re-point to the new ORACLE_HOME and run a catupgrd / catrelod out of the dirs ?

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          The most painless way to get from to in order is:

          1. Fire your developers ... these people cost you time, your organization money, and gave you an opinion without a single shred of fact to support it: These are dangerous people. Next time they might make a more serious mistake.

          2. Upgrade the way you successfully upgraded the first time.

          All that said ... run this past Oracle by opening an SR just to "Cover Your ...."
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            dbua in silent mode would be quicker

            export ORACLE_HOME=< HOME>
            export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH
            type dbua----- home
            dbua -silent -sid <sidname>
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              Srini Chavali-Oracle
              As Dan mentioned, follow the same steps for the upgrade as you did before. The steps are documented


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                Just wonder, Dont you get any information your 3th party tool certified or not certified wiht that version? Secondly You already mention you made upgrade wihtout any issue so why you are looking different path:) Journey? :)

                Anyway check below note :
                Different Upgrade Methods For Upgrading Your Database [ID 419550.1]

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