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    Configuring JMS Store Data Source

      Hi all,

      Im relatively new over here. Sorry if this' a duplicate post.

      Based on the Oracle Communications Unified Management Inventory Installation Guide Im currently in the post-installation phase: Connecting the UIM Web Service Interface to a Remote Application

      +"For detailed instructions for creating SAF queues and topics between UIM and OSM, see Knowledge Article 1431235.1 - Configuring WebLogic Resources for OSM Integration+
      +With ASAP And UIM On Different Domains on the My Oracle Support web site: https://support.oracle.com+
      +This article is applicable to any remote application that uses a WebLogic JMS server to send and receive Web Service messages."+

      Ive found the said article entitled "Configuring OSM-UIM-ASAP JSM Messaging". Under "UIM Server Configuration", the resources configured were: JMS store = uim_oss_jms_store and JMS server name = uim_oss_jms_server

      My question then is, to create JMS store, Im supposed to create the data source for that as well right? May I know the properties of the data source to be created? Right now there's few pre-created data sources i.e. CMDSInventoryPersistentDS, InventoryDataSource, InventoryMapDataSource, InventoryTxDataSource,InvJMSPersistentDS,mds-commsRepository,and UIMAdapters. Kinda scoured the internet for details but to no avail. For your information, Ive installed WebLogic 10.3.5 (11g) and UIM

      Do advise. Thanks a bunch

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          My response to your question is purely from the perspective of creating stores for a JMS configuration.

          You can configure two different kinds of stores in Weblogic namely Filestore and JDBC store.

          The stores are using for persisting the messages and providing guaranteed message delivery.

          Please refer to the below links to understand the steps to configure either of them as required:-

          File Store:-

          JDBC Store:-

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            Infact,have a look at the below link for WLS-10 and higher:-


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              Hi Sandeep,

              Thanks for the heads up. I shouldve mentioned I was creating JMS JDBC store. My problem lies here when Im supposed to create a data source for this new JDBC store, is there a specific guide in terms of populating the data source? From my researches so far, I cant find any that explains specifically on the properties that is supposed to be filled in whilst creating a data source.

              Do advise further. Thanks again
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                A JDBC store is a JDBC-accessible database for storing subsystem data, such as persistent JMS messages and durable subscriber information.

                If you would want to use JDBC persistance for JMS,then you would either need to create a new Datasourec or use an existing/pre-configured datasource.

                Please refer to the below links:-



                As far as the properties goes while configuring a Datasource and tables required for JDBC store,please refer to the below link and specifically the section "Guidelines for Configuring a JDBC Store":-


                hope this helps!

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