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    User based performance lag from CALL_FORM to PRE-FORM

      I have a strange problem that I hope I can get some help on.

      On my forms application we have a menu that the user uses to initiate forms. On 1 form out of the entire application, when most users select this form there is about a 15 second delay while the base form and menu are still displayed before the called form is displayed. When the schema owning user calls this form it opens in a couple of seconds.

      We have timed several areas of code in the startup procedure. We are using the standard CALL_FORM in a .pll library called from the menu.

      - all of the variables in the call below are defined as NUMBER, except p_form_name a VARCHAR2 and p_pl_id a PARAMLIST.

      CALL_FORM(p_form_name, p_hide_nohide, p_replace_noreplace, l_query_mode, p_share_lib_data, p_pl_id);

      We notice the performance lag from the line immediately above this call_form to the first line in the called form's PRE-FORM trigger.

      None of the other forms called by this menu have this lag.
      This lag is about 5 seconds on our development box (Windows 2003 server SP2, Forms 32-Bit) again with the schema owner opening the form, the lag is non-noticeable, anyone else sees the lag.

      On our customer site (Windows 2007 server, Forms 32-bit) for anyone but the schema owner, a startup lag of almost 15 seconds is common.

      For earlier versions of Forms this behavior is not observed.

      I am not aware of any code being executed between CALL_FORM and the PRE-FORM trigger, especially any code that would be user based.

      We do have a custom toolbar .fmb that must be loaded when the form loads, but this is common for all of the other forms that don't have a lag.

      I have tried converting the form to text (.fmt) and back to see if that would flush out what was causing the problem, with no success.

      This is the the largest form of our application, about 3712KB.

      Any thoughts on this problem would be appreciated.