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    Confusion with "Profile Connection Leak" JDBC Diagnostic Option

      I'm working with WebLogic 11g.

      I would like to enable the "Inactive Connection Timeout" and "Profile Connection Leak" settings for a JDBC data source, in order to troubleshoot a connection leaking issue. The thing I'm not quite clear on though is where the diagnostic information (e.g. stack trace) for the detected leaked connections is going to be output to.

      Will this information be output to the main server log file (at least if I redirect stdout and stderr to the log) or can I access it somewhere in the WebLogic admin console site or will the information be output to somewhere else?
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          The collected profile information is stored in records in the WLDF Archive.

          Typically this would be present in the webapps/domains10/servers/server-name/data/store/diagnostics/WLS_DIAGNOSTICS000000.DAT

          Now to read it or extract the profile information,you can use WLST.The WLDF Archives can be analyzed offline using WLST's exportDiagnosticData() command. To find out more, type

          help('exportDiagnosticData') within WLST.