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    Which EPM components require a Windows platform vs Solaris?

      We plan to install many components from EPM and couldn't find a clear list of items that must be installed on windows and can't be installed on Solaris. We will start with: Planning, Profitability and cost management, FDM, FDM adapter suite, Financial Management, Enterprise Performance Management Architect, and Smartview.

      Is there is a document that lists the EPM components and the platform that are supported.

      (there certification matrix spreadsheet is not clear. All I see:
      e.g. With Solaris 10, 64bit the following is an exceptions, can’t be installed!:
      1. NOT SUPPORTED FOR: Data Relationship Management, FDM, Financial Close Management, Financial Management, Performance Management Architect Dimension Server and File Generator, and Strategic Finance.
      2. Financial Reporting and Web Analysis do not support this platform when using Financial Management as a data source.
      3. 32-BIT BINARIES ONLY FOR: Interactive Reporting Services, and Production Reporting Teradata Engine.
      4. Oracle's SPARC T4 and SPARC Enterprise M-Series are recommended.