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    Load Balancing

      Hi group,

      I am in the process of Load Balancing configuration using Zeus software which is not configured yet.

      I have followed all the configuration and my last step was to add the Web and Forms Server node, so my doubt is the configuration is pointing to the last server where AutoConfig was last time executed.

      So for example when I try to access to the application using URL for Server "A" it is redirected to Server "B" (this is the last server where AutoConfig was last time executed), according to the notes WebEntryPoint parameter must be configured to the Zeus Server also the profiles for launching different things (Forms, Discoverer, etc.).

      1.- According to the above explanation, is everything be redirected to the server where "AutoConfig" was last time executed?

      2.- How does Zeus know that there will be 2 nodes to balance the load (if only one is being using for everything(Autoconfig last execution))?

      3.- If I stop Server 2 services I am unable to launch the application because of Forms, Discoverer launching profiles.

      Any advice about these questions will be really appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,