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    Hard Disk for Sun Ultra 20

      I recently obtained a Sun Ultra 20, an X86 AMD Optron, system with no hard disks.

      I know that it can work with 2 SATA disks.
      Is there any limit restriction to the capacities of each disks?
      I obtained a 1TB WD SATA disk which can slide and get connected to the pair of connectors fastened to the body of the system, but I cannot find any obvious means of securing the disk - while connected.
      Does it require any type of brackets?

      If you do have a Sun Ultra 20 with hard disks, could you be kind enough to open the side panel and comment on the above questions?

      I had installed Solaris 10 on another Sun Ultra 20 with disks, without any issues.

      Do you know if Solaris 11 can be installed without any issues?

      Thank you.
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          Looks like the disk drives require a 1" SPUD bracket. Same bracket that most Sun systems used in that era. Probably part number 540-6562 would work just fine.

          No clue if a 1TB drive will be recognized in that system. Do you have a U20 or a U20-M2? If the former, you may run into issues with the BIOS supporting that size of drive. The largest supported drive is a 250GB drive...

          No clue about Solaris 11 either but my money would be on it running just fine on that system. Supported is another issue...
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            might be helpful
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              Please keep your forum contributions to current threads.
              The original poster here never bothered to reply and abandoned the thread.
              If you glance at their posting history they likely abandoned the forum site as well, those many months ago.