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    Ldom Vs Zone cluster

      Hi -
      Planning to setup Oracle DB and Oracle financials on a T4-2 server with a cluster failover between 2 nodes.

      My question is, which would be a better pitch
      (1)     Ldom clustering across nodes or
      (2)     Zone clustering

      Also my apprehension is, if we create a container on top of Ldoms in T4, will it cause any performance degradation as we have hypervisor and also zone configured on top of it.

      Kindly advice.
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          T4-2 can setup
          control domain and one root domain
          each own one of the pcie bus and ots associated pcie slots and has direct access to physical nic or fc or sas hdd, inside these ovm domain, one can use zone.

          one can run rac or rac one node on root domain directly, also osc with root domain.
          for single instance db, one can just use ha-zone for db failover.
          AFAIK, you can also run rac with zone without osc.
          but you can use osc zc for rac etc
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            If you only have two T4s in this setup than it does not matter, because you use oracle clusterware to control fail over scenarios. Your LDOM/zone does not need to migrate to anywhere else. Once you have third T4 than an LDOM setup would benefit you for live migration.

            LDOM/zone is use for control your resource so when you decide to your LDOM/zone it would mean you want to use less than total of a T4 for your application, if you are using Solaris 10 as base OS than you could consider LDOM because that can give you different patch level of kernel.

            You may want to consider setup more than one pair of LDOM/zone to support rolling upgrade.