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    FMD-8000-11 Error

      Dear All,

      I found out that my server got this one issue but didn't know how to solve it. Could you please let me know how to fix it?
      Many thanks!!

      fmadm faulty
      --------------- ------------------------------------ -------------- ---------
      --------------- ------------------------------------ -------------- ---------
      Jul 17 16:42:16 8a065c76-7213-65b3-8b00-cdc4312b7725 FMD-8000-11 Minor

      Host : hkodcuxgigzprd01
      Platform : SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5120 Chassis_id :

      Fault class : fault.io.pciex.device-invreq 22%
      fault.io.pci.device-invreq max 22%
      fault.io.pciex.device-interr 11%
      Affects : dev:////pci@0/pci@0/pci@2/scsi@0
      faulted but still in service
      FRU : "MB" (hc://:product-id=SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5120:chassis-id=BEL0824NFW:server-id=hkodcuxgigzprd01:serial=1378GD1-0824010596:part=541215605/motherboard=0) max 22%

      Description : A Solaris Fault Manager component generated a diagnosis for which
      no message summary exists. Refer to
      http://sun.com/msg/FMD-8000-11 for more information.

      Response : The diagnosis has been saved in the fault log for examination by

      Impact : The fault log will need to be manually examined using fmdump(1M)
      in order to determine if any human response is required.

      Action : Use fmdump -v -u <EVENT-ID> to view the diagnosis result. Run
      pkgchk -n SUNWfmd to ensure that fault management software is
      installed properly.
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          Thamer Salah
          Suggested Action for System Administrator

          Use fmdump -v -u to view the diagnosis result. Run pkgchk -n SUNWfmd to ensure that fault management software is installed properly.

          The Fault Manager receives error reports from numerous sub-systems and arranges for the appropriate fault diagnosis and automated responses.
          The Message ID: FMD-8000-11 indicates that the Solaris Fault Manager received a diagnosis it did not expect. This can result from a mismatch in the versions of software components, a misconfiguration of the system, automated diagnosis software may not be loaded or currently unavailable, or a defect in the software.

          The recommended actions for the system administrator are:

          1.) View the diagnosis results

          Use the command fmdump -v -u with the from the console message. It may be that a correct diagnosis was made but was not recognized by the fault manager. Below is an example of this case. Also refer to the NOTES below which may contain information particular to your platform.

          # fmdump -v -u e4cb7d73-b795-61d0-a232-ac5e017108abTIME UUID SUNW-MSG-IDJun 15 00:06:22.2007 e4cb7d73-b795-61d0-a232-ac5e017108ab FMD-8000-11 100% Problem in: cpu:///cpuid=8/serial=5D67334847 Affects: cpu:///cpuid=8/serial=5D67334847 FRU: hc://:serial=101083:part=541215101/motherboard=0 Location: MB 2.) Ensure that fault management software is installed properly.

          Run pkgchk -n SUNWfmd .

          3.) Ensure the latest firmware/patches are installed on the system.

          Consult the Product Notes for your platform to insure all required patches are installed.

          4.) Check the NOTE below for issues that may be particular to your platform.

          5.) If the failure persists, contact your Authorized Service Provider.

          fmadm repair <fmri>|<uuid>

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            Coool !!!!

            the issue has been fixed. Thank you!