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    Javascript Error in Interactive Report Actions menu

    Pete Mahon

      We are running Apex with Theme 13 for many of our applications.

      It has been noticed in the past while (possibly since the upgrade to current release) that a number of features on Interactive Reports have simply "stopped working". This includes Select Columns, Download etc.

      The error message I'm getting when I click Select Columns is broken down as follows:
      Uncaught TypeError: Object false has no method 'cloneNode' apex_4_1.min.js:18
      dhtml_ShuttleObject apex_4_1.min.js:18
      _Return apex_interactive_reports_4_1.min.js:1
      c.onreadystatechange apex_4_1.min.js:18
      I've compared our JS file to the one hosted on apex.oracle.com and they are identical. Is this a known issue with this theme?

      Looking forward to any suggestions!

      Kind Regards, Pete


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      When I click the Download link, the POST request gets a response of 200, but no response data is received
      The form data sent is:

      Again - any help would be much appreciated.
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          Pete Mahon
          This might be useful for others also...

          After hours and hours of debugging headers and responses and comparing pages to others which work, I realised that this interactive report's display condition is based on REQUEST = SUBMIT.

          As such, the actions menu will NOT set the Request parameter when clicking in the actions menu and the Apex engine refuses to send anything back to the browser - not even an error message.

          I'll raise a bug for this via Oracle Support.

          Cheers, Pete