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      This is in continuance with my question posted at the end of threadID = 691223. DBMS Scheduler error Today also I received the following error in my scheduler:

      ERROR=ORA-24155: rule CPM_GS.CH_RU_3_01082012080123 not in rule set CPM_GS.SCHED_RULESET$16020ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_ISCHED", line 3867
      ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_ISCHED", line 1340
      ORA-06512: at "SYS.DBMS_SCHEDULER", line 1257
      ORA-06512: at "CPM_GS.PKG_LOAD_PROD_CREDITS_MAIN", line 148
      As indicated in my message in threadID 691223, there seems to be no relation between CH_RU_3_01082012080123 AND SCHED_RULESET$16020 in DBA_SCHEDULER_CHAIN_RULES, DBA_SCHEDULER_CHAINS, DBA_RULE_SET_RULES, DBA_RULES and DBA_RULE_SETS.

      The details are as follows:
      select * from dba_scheduler_chain_rules where rule_name = 'CH_RU_3_01082012080123';
      owner      chain_name                             rule_owner   rule_name                          condition

      CPM_GS    GEN_UP_EV_01082012080120  CPM_GS       CH_RU_3_01082012080123  CH_ST_2_01082012080120 SUCCEEDED
      action                                             comments
      START "CH_ST_3_01082012080122"  Starting chain_step_3

      select * from dba_scheduler_chains where chain_name = 'GEN_UP_EV_01082012080120';
      owner chain_name rule_set_owner rule_set_name number_of_rules number_of_steps enabled user_rule_set comments
      CPM_GS GEN_UP_EV_01082012080120 CPM_GS SCHED_RULESET$15327 4 3 TRUE FALSE A chain for connecting Upd_event_attr and Gen_event

      SELECT * FROM DBA_RULE_SET_RULES WHERE rule_name = 'CH_RU_3_01082012080123';
      rule_set_owner rule_set_name rule_owner rule_name rule_set_rule_enabled rule_set_rule_comment
      CPM_GS SCHED_RULESET$15327 CPM_GS CH_RU_3_01082012080123 ENABLED Starting chain_step_3

      rule_set_owner rule_set_name rule_owner rule_name rule_set_rule_enabled rule_set_rule_comment
      CPM_GS SCHED_RULESET$16020 CPM_GS CH_RU_1_01082012080123 ENABLED Starting chain_step_1
      CPM_GS SCHED_RULESET$16020 CPM_GS CH_RU_2_01082012080123 ENABLED Starting chain_step_2

      The error seems to indicate a race condition where ruleset of one rule is somehow related to another? Can someone throw some light as to why this is happening?

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