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    JDE table information required


      I’ve started a new project where I’ll be using JD Edwards as the source system to extract the following data -

      * Operating Costs – operating costs against every cost centre and expense element combination
      * Workforce Data – Salary, oncosts information for all employees
      * Capital expenditure – Capital project/ fixed assets hierarchy and related capital expenditure data
      * Revenue information –
      * General Ledger accounts – for balance sheet and P&L

      Not sure if my terminology is correct above as I’ve not used JD Edwards before.

      Now It will be great if someone can answer my following basic questions -
      * Can you please tell me the table numbers/names from where I can extract the above mentioned information in JD Edwards.
      * How is operating costs stored in JD Edwards – Is it by cost centre and expense element combination.
      * What is the term used for expense element or expense type? How do you identify different expense types ?
      * How can I see what a GL account is made of ?

      Thanks in Advance!!