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    SCAN configuration with 11g without DNS.


      We need DNS for SCAN IP configuration on 11g installation/upgradation. If we are having DNS we can use DNS name and install Grid Cluster.

      Without DNS we can overcome SCAN configuration by using any one ip updation with SCAN on etc/host entry.

      Please Clarify :
      1) Updating the IP on etc/host entry, should be Public/private/vip sequance ?

      2) After configuring SCAN without DNS, what are all exact steps need to do on Windows 2003 server? (by using srvctl modify command)

      3) We are having mirror on OS level, currently using External redundancy on ASM with 10g. If we need same setup on 11g, can we create single shared disk on storage? (OCR & VOTING disk will create within ASM)