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    Issue with Hyperion Planning data forms


      I am having an issue when using Hyperion planning data forms. I am getting a #NumericZero message on cells I have defined to show as blank.

      We have checked the index cache size settings and data cache size settings and increased them to a large number. We have changed the spare/dense settings on our dimension to bring the overall block size down to within the recommended limit.

      The issue seems to be a loss of settings from the "Other Options" tab in form design - Namely "Display missing values as blank" and the "Display Properties" from the layout tab of form design - namely "Alias".

      The does not occur for all users at the same time.

      We have run a test connecting to different instances of the same form on different servers and the form displayed #NumericZero on one server but not on the others.

      It seems like the stored options when creating the form are not being stored during each instance.

      Thanks for any assistance