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    Not able to create directory server instance through ODSEE7 admin console


      I am using ODSEE7. I want to create new directory server instance throgh DSCC admin console.
      However, I am unable to create new instance. I get an error message saying that " DSCC agent could not be contacted on port 21162. Please verify if DSCC agent is listening on this port". I am able to create new instance through command prompt but not through admin console which is quite strange to understand.


      I have already registered DSCC on port 3998 and enable CACAO agent as well. CACAO is listening on custom DSCC agent port 21162.I have checked the DSCC registry status using dsccsetup status command.

      PFB the details which I have entered in the GUI interface of creating a new server instance:

      Directory Manger DN:           cn=Directory Manager
      Directory Manger Password:      XXXXXXXXXX
      Runtime User ID:          Administrator ( As I have ldap process running with administrator account)
      Runtime User Password:           XXXXXXXXX (administrator password)
      DSCC Agent Port:           21162 ( As DSCC agent is listening on custom port: 21162)

      Can someone please suggest what can be done here to resolve this so that I can create instance throught admin console also??

      Neeraj Tati.