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    Service is not relocated to available instance when pref node hangs.

      I'm fighting strange problem with 4 node RAC on Linux .
      We have service defined as follows:
      IT PREF: hp3 AVAIL: hp4 hp2 hp1
        1* select name,service_id from dba_services where name = 'IT'
      SQL> /
      NAME                                                             SERVICE_ID
      ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
      IT                                                                        8
        1  select name, failover_method, failover_type, failover_retries,goal, clb_goal,aq_ha_notifications
        2* from dba_services where service_id = 8
      SQL> /
      NAME            METHOD      TYPE        RETRIES GOAL       CLB_GOAL AQNOT
      --------------- ----------- ---------- -------- ---------- -------- -----
      IT              BASIC       SELECT          180 NONE       LONG     YES
      lsnrctl service gives
      Service "IT" has 1 instance(s).
        Instance "hp3", status READY, has 1 handler(s) for this service...
            "DEDICATED" established:36495 refused:0 state:ready
               REMOTE SERVER
      When prefered instance hp3 goes down (aborts) ,all is working ok, service is relocated to hp4 and users can connect.
      But when prefered instance hangs (local disk controller issue) users are not able to connect to that service .
      My goal is to have that service on 1 node only, and in case on failure (hard or soft) redirect all conections to that
      service on other node (only 1 not load balancing and so) .
      How to configure that ?
      Oracle pointed out :
      How To Configure Server Side Transparent Application Failover [ID 460982.1]
      but I dont want to loadbalance connection .
      Please advice .