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    Reg:Primary Database


      In my primary database i have a problem

      I checked the switchover_status it resulted in "not allowed"

      how to make it as "To Standby"
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          Can you run this query and post the results?


          "not allowed" generally means you have a gap. The query should provide the first clues.

          If you are using Standard Edition then this isn't really Data Guard, its a poor mans copy of the database and you should not expect it to have Data Guard features.

          This is also the default for databases not using Data Guard.
          Checking switchover status
          NOT ALLOWED    
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            Shivananda Rao

            Please close the thread Reg:Primary Database and continue posting here as you are in the right forum.

            Please post the below:

            Primary Database:
            select max(sequence#) from v$archived_log;
            select max(sequence#) from v$archived_log where applied='YES';
            select process,status,sequence# from v$managed_standby;