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    Content Server-SES integration

      Hi all,
      I have a problem with the SEScrawlerExport component.
      My content server is configured to have some custom metadata fields.
      These additional custom fields refer to a view in order to publish an option list to the user (a dropdown select box with a list of values).
      the problem is that SEScrawlerExport expose only the key value (ID) of these custom fields and not the associated text to his RSS feed.
      How can i expose also the "text" values retrieved from the views?

      thank you .
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          Derrick Roberts
          In addition to the schema view fields problem you mention, there is another unintended issue when integrating UCM and SES: The display labels you give to fields in UCM are not respected. Going further, in UCM, if you "re-used" metadata fields across more than one profile and used profile rules to change the metadata label for each profile, you will notice that SES of course does not pick up these profile specific labels, which can be very confusing for users.

          I believe the best option available today is to write a custom Document Service that offers options for handling these cases, provided it is possible to access the necessary data in UCM from a Document Service. I am trying to validate this now.

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