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    Process raw webcam data


      I am trying to implement an effect plugin to process my Webcam data. I want to access the raw YUV data (unmodified as I get from the webcam) and do some byte-wise processing. I ran the rotation effect sample, when I see the plugin settings from the JMF player, it shows the graph as

      Raw audio/video buffer ---> YuvToRgb Converter --> RGB converter --> Rotation Effect --> Renderer.

      1. I want to insert my effect plugin before the YuvToRgb converter so that it can work directly on the raw buffer. Is it possible? If possible, please let me know how. I have read about pre-processing and post-processing effect plugins. Where do they sit actually? How can I specify an effect plugin as pre or post processing effect?

      2. I changed the name of my effect plugin. Still when I run the player, I see the Rotation effect in the graph. Where does the name come from? I just ran my code, do I have to register my plugin or so?

      Please give me some directions.