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    Gauge size: ADF data Visualization


      I have dvt Gauge whose dimensions should be like inlineStyle="width:80px; height:40px;" . With the following dimensions , I am unable to display the metric values(minValue,maxValue,Value) against the gauge. The gauge is alone displayed in a constricted manner with no values seen.

      Please let me know how I may resize the gauge to shrink the size along with values(minValue,maxValue,value) shown against it.

      Thank You
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          Try using the dynamicResize property.

          Juan Camilo
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            Thanks for your reply. DynamicResize didnot help me. It wouldn't even render my component at runtime.
            Note: the Gauge is inside a Declarative component.

            I have almost tried all kinds of combinations : (with inlinestyle , dynamixresize),( without inlinestyle, dynamic resize) , (only inline style),(only dynamicResize) etc
            By with inline Style, I mean : fixed width and height in pixels .

            Thank You
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              Arunkumar Ramamoorthy-Oracle

              Try reducing the font size etc by skinning.


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                font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
                font-size: 1.0%;
                visibility: visible;
                text-align: center;
                max-font-size: 1.0px;

                with inline style as width:40px; height:30.0px;

                The gauge shrinks, but never shows the numbering scale or the value.
                - The gauge size (i.e width, height) could only be controlled by inlineStyle of gauge component. I tried setting the max-width, max-height, Height settings of Skin but it din't work . So I had to shrink the gauge via inline Style
                - max-font-size: 1.0px; or any number din't show a difference
                - font-size: 1.0%; I have tried in px with different numbers- No effect on the gauge scale

                Please let me know how skinning can help
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                  Got it !
                  Here is the solution ::

                  <dvt:gauge id="gauge1" gaugeType="STATUSMETER"
                  shortDesc="dvt" value="#{attrs.gaugeInput}" minValue="-500"
                  inlineStyle="width:77px; height:37px;">

                  <dvt:bottomLabel position="LP_INSIDE_GAUGE">
                  <dvt:gaugeFont size="3"/>
                  <dvt:numberFormat scaleFactor="SCALEFACTOR_NONE"/>
                  <dvt:gaugeFont size="10"/>
                  <dvt:gaugeFont size="3"/>
                  <dvt:tickLabel position="TLP_EXTERIOR" >
                  <dvt:gaugeFont size="8"/>